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iPoint Mobile for Candidates

The mobile site is available at: http://m.ipointweb.net/

For those of you who use your mobile phones to surf the web, we are pleased to announce our iPoint Mobile website for Candidates. Our mobile website, allows our Candidates to:

  • view payslips
  • view the state of their e-timesheets
  • see their diary and confirm shifts
  • search and book shifts matching their availability

Update: 11/09/2011 - New in version 1.2:

  • update etimesheets
  • submit and withdrawn etimesheets
  • add availability
  • use mobile gps to navigate to trusts/our offices

To try it out, please click on the link above.

Our mobile website will work on any internet enabled mobile phone. We recommend adding it to your phones bookmarks for easy future access!

If you have any questions concerning our mobile website, please contact our technical helpdesk, who will be pleased to help.


iPoint Mobile iPoint Mobile iPoint Mobile iPoint Mobile iPoint Mobile iPoint Mobile

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