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With over 18 years specialist experience our recruitment agency provides total solutions for the provision of staff to the public and private health sector, social care, professional and scientific industries throughout the UK and now increasingly overseas. Our iPoint system gives our Clients:

The finance area gives you the ability to view your invoices online. It also provides the ability to search for invoices by invoice, timesheet, purchase order or credit note reference.

Here you have the ability to add, view, update and cancel shifts, authorise and confirm (depending on your assigned rights). It includes search functionality to find historical, current and future shifts including sorting and filtering to help you find the exact information you require. You are also provided the ability to book candidates directly.

If your trust is using electronic timesheets, here you can accept or reject submitted timesheets. This includes the ability to check the submitted shift times against the actual ordered times.

This area allows you to view a number of costing reports.

Here you have the ability to add, view, update and cancel vacancies.

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